Samsung S3 GT-I9300 Hard Brick Fix

Brief Description of the fix:
  1. Copying the Bootloader file to an external SD Card, using a normal GT-I9300.
  2. Inserting the external SD card into the bricked phone, and copying the bootloader file to the defective PBA.
  3. After downloading the bootloader file to the defective phone, entering download mode with the phone, and downloading a Full S/W.(PIT, PDA, CSC, PHONE files)

Description of the files attached (download em all here or go to end of this post):
  • (12-38) - This ZIP file Contains a PDF file that is the manual for the fix.
  • GT-I9300_Boot_Recovery.tar - This TAR file is the Bootloader that is copied to the external SD card.
  • Odin3v3.07.rar - The program specified in the manual that copies the bootloader onto the external SD card.
  • - The BIN file used in Rebellos's method below.

  1. Odin3 v3.07.exe and Odin3.ini
  2. GT-I9300_Boot_Recovery.tar
  3. (12-38)
  4. External SD Card (Memory size should be 2GB or bigger.)
  5. One normal I9300 phone(normally booted on)

*Resistor has to be shorted very carefully, avoiding touching any other parts at all cost. If you short too many things together - possibility of frying some component of your I9300 rises drastically.

No one has yet to report trying this fix and it being successful, but I am confident that if preformed according to the instructions this fix has the potential of fixing almost any bricked GS3.

One Little Problem:
  • Scenario: I bricked my phone and I want to fix it as mentioned in this thread. So I go ahead and look at the requirements:
    1. I download it from the attachments.
    2. I download it from the attachments.
    3. I download it from the attachments.
    4. I don't have one so I go buy one from a store for a little amount of money.
    5. Ummmm... I have one but it can't boot... Damn! I don't have any friends that own one.... Damn! What should I do?!
      • Buy a new one so I can use it to fix the old one 
      • Take my bricked phone to a store and pay at least 60$ for a fix.
      • Follow the instructions below.

Highly Recommended: (Not Tested Yet, People who do this - please report in the thread)
  • Because of the 'One Little Problem' there are a few things you can do ahead of time so if you brick your phone you will be prepared:
    1. If you don't own an extra one, buy a 2GB external SD card.
    2. Follow steps 1-12 in the manual using your own phone.
    3. Take the external SD card out of your phone and put it away in a safe place to be used if needed.
  • Or follow Rebellos's (Elite Recognized Developer) way:
    Here's an experimental image: (Or attached to this post)
    1) Insert SD card (Everything from it will be wiped!)
    2) Bootup some linux machine (it can be rooted android phone aswell as its also linux machine  )
    3) Unpack archive
    4) Perform dd if=GT_I9300_unbrick_sdcard_head.bin of=/dev/

    On most of phones its /dev/block/mmcblk1 (MAKE SURE YOU DONT OVERWRITE YOUR INTERNAL PHONE MEMORY, ITS USUALLY "/dev/block/mmcblk0")

    On PCs it depends, its sometimes /dev/sdb
    More info about dding sd card:

    You're all ready and set, try to boot it up on dead I9300 and tell me how did it go! (Follow step 14 of Samsung's guide)

    Also, I don't think Anyway JIG is necessary. Probably you only need to connect it to PC so it gets powered and you can use download mode.

  • This method of fixing your bricked device is only meant to be used if all else fails: Full S/W package with Odin (PIT, BOOTLOADER, PDA, PHONE, CSC) Or USB Jig.


NOTE: None of this files belongs to me