Jurassic Systems: Wanna crack Jurassic Park systems?

Jurassic Systems is an HTML5/Javascript based recreation of the Irix and Macintosh environments featured in the original Jurassic Park film. In particular, it is a recreation of the scene in which Ray Arnold (Samuel Jackson) attempts to circumvent Dennis Nedry's (AKA Wayne Knight, AKA Newman) leet security on an old Irix desktop only to be taunted by an Elvis bodied Nedry.

- Working command line. Current commands include:
access --> Access a target environment on the Jurassic Systems grid.
system --> Check a system's current status.
ls --> List files in the current directory.
display --> Display image files. (hint: use ls to find a 'file')
help --> List all available commands.
Three access attempts trigger the Nedry system lock down, e.g.,

- Simulated desktop environment with system sounds from the movie.
- One hidden feature.



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