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HTC confirms the Windows Phone 8S will not be coming to the US

HTC One VX to be available on AT&T by December 7th

[Spanish] Chicas gamer, destruyendo un topico

RIM renames App World to BlackBerry World, opens reg for $10k guarantee and offers a QWERTY dev unit

Casio's touchscreen graphing calculator arrives in 2013, makes the TI-84+ look dated

Unique Skoda Felicia 96 with Push-To-Start ignition

Free SIM-Unlock (MEP) Blackberry codes for limited time!

Working PSP Kernel Exploit on Vita 2.0! Future releases….

The new PS Vita web browser

Vita: Hello World on OFW 2.0 by Frostegater (PSP emu)

An early review of Vita ofw 2.00

2.0 OFW update live now, not forced but blocks ALL exploits and Open CMA


eCFW TN-C Coming soon

Office for Android and iOS purportedly caught in screenshots, won't lure away Surface loyalists

Sprint updates Samsung Galaxy Note II with Multi-Window feature

TI details the wireless power chip in the Lumia 920, offers four times the charging area

Blue Microphones Spark Digital now available, wields USB and iOS mobile recording for $199

Nintendo Wii U vs. Nintendo Wii ... fight!

Wii U's Miiverse, Chat, TVii, and eShop features will arrive in a day-one software update

Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction

GTA V info leaked

What about a phone unlocking course?

MAG II Gun Controller reports for FPS duty on PS3 and PC from Nov 20th

A better way to store media on Microsoft Surface RT: SD cards, junction points and the command prompt

Microsoft reveals how much of Surface RT's disc space is actually yours

Apple: three million iPads sold in three days

Panasonic launches tweaked AG-AF105A MFT pro camcorder with 10-bit HD video

AMD unveils Opteron 6300, hopes to put servers in a Piledriver