Nokia Lumia 630 spotted in the wild running Windows Phone 8.1

If you've wanted to know what Nokia's entry-level Lumia 630 looks like in real life, today is your lucky day. Both a Coolxap video (below) and a handful of photos from @Umit have shown off the smartphone in all its Windows Phone 8.1-based glory, including the on-screen navigation, Action Center and the updated camera interface. Previous rumors have suggested that the 630 will be relatively powerful for a low-end device with a 4.5-inch (albeit 800 x 480) display, a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM. Don't get too attached to the way the phone looks in these images, though. The 630 in the still pictures is likely using a protective case or prototype shell, and we wouldn't count on the video reflecting the final design, either. With that said, the new media may represent our best clue yet as to what Nokia might reveal at its event next week.



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