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30,000 visits! Thanx a LOOTTTTTTT!!

Ol' stuff (ask for more info): Clean S58 HTC (Legacy)

Ol' stuff for sale: SONY ERICSSON FLASHFILES [Classical Collection DB2xxx DB3xxx]

Sony to shutter two-thirds of its US stores

Google's Project Ara modular smartphone gets a trio of dev conferences

Automatic Link driving assistant can now auto-post to Facebook, other apps

A new version of the Moto X is coming this summer

Ol' stuff for sale

Ford's 2015 Focus brings touchscreen Sync technology to Europe

Hands-on with Huawei's first Firefox OS phone, the Y300

Orange's Gova smartphone promises fast LTE on a budget

Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i is an iOS 7 controller with Xbox heritage (hands-on)

Ford reportedly dropping Windows in favor of QNX for next-gen Sync software

Google and LG are reportedly working together on an Android smartwatch

Un abrazo y saludo a mis hermanos de Venezuela...

I know, visits are going doooooooooooooown

DIY repair your hard drive and save $$$

This three-year-old pizza won't kill you

(Post #1000) Back to the future: Nike designer touts 2015 arrival for Marty McFly's Power Laces

First Xbox One feature update goes live

Titanfall switches to an open beta on Xbox One today, PC will follow soon

Hackers stole Kickstarter user data, but payment info was left untouched

New AYUDAMEE forum short-link

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Some music to gear up...

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Nokia Lumia Icon coming to Verizon February 20th for $200

How to reset Oil Light Change in ur Ford Fiesta 2010-

Car crash

Ford Focus MK3 Test Mode

Here's a possible sneak peek at the homescreen for HTC's next flagship

Talk: CAN Hacking, the In-vehicle network

Your car's computer system can be hacked with off-the-shelf parts

Bose's new SoundLink III has improved sound, battery life

Nice replacement!

Excuse me, my beloved visitors...!

Toshiba's new drive could take the headaches out of networked storage

Iridium's satellite hotspot will get you online nearly anywhere on Earth

Sony is reportedly in talks to sell its PC business

Apple and carriers will donate free devices and broadband to US schools

Microsoft to use Foursquare data in Bing and Windows products

John Carmack quit id Software because it wouldn't support VR games

Royal Caribbean uses 80-inch HDTVs to create 'virtual balcony staterooms'

Rdio support for Google Chromecast is in the works

FDA approves swallowable 'PillCam' after almost a decade

Raymond Weil, Whose Swiss Watches Told More Than Time, Is Dead at 87