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BlackBerry loses its bread and butter as Bold and Curve sales finally collapse

Nokia Lumia 630 spotted in the wild running Windows Phone 8.1

Tesla toughens up the Model S' underbody to prevent battery fires

Google mandates Android logo on device bootup screens

Future Office for iPad update will let you print your documents

Study shows which Android and iOS versions are most likely to crash apps

The UK is finally making it legal to rip a CD on June 1st

'Cyberathlon' will see disabled athletes compete in powered exoskeleton races

BlackBerry wins sales injunction against Typo's familiar-looking keyboard case

Shazam is now more social and better-looking on iOS, Android is next

Yahoo might be building an online video platform, but you won't be able to use it

NSA may have spied on 122 foreign leaders

Google clamps down on Android apps with deceptive ads

Newly discovered dwarf planet could challenge what we know about our solar system

Samsung's Galaxy S5 doubles as a baby monitor, if you have a Gear watch

Oculus VR's John Carmack sees bright future in Facebook deal

Facebook scrapped last year's redesign because your screen is too small

ZTE's incoming Grand S II could be first smartphone with 4GB RAM

Microsoft makes MS-DOS and Word for Windows source code public

This is what iOS 8 looks like, apparently

Instagram for Android update sports refreshed UI, speedier performance

Archos' 6.4-inch smartphone puts the buttons on the back

HP Spectre 13 Ultrabook review: a good deal, but with trade-offs

Chrome developers can now charge for themes and extensions

Skrillex debuts noisy new album as a mobile game easter egg

Raspberry Pi gets its own sound card

Skype's web-based version is now available worldwide

The hoverboard has arrived (WHAT?)

Jurassic Systems: Wanna crack Jurassic Park systems?

iPhone 4 iOS 7.x.x PassCode READ. WINDOWS ONLY

Free Blackberry Calculator

Business Card Plays Tetris. Never Be Unemployed Again

S2 i9100 fix IMEI NULL/NULL problem

Microsoft's new Office Graph will help you discover what's trending around your workplace

UK patients' data uploaded to Google servers, serious privacy concerns ensue

10 Years In: The birth of Engadget

Samsung debuts its first Galaxy S5 ad during the Oscars and turns sponsorship dollars into all-star selfies

Imo drops support for third-party chat networks to focus on its own

Apple announces CarPlay: in-vehicle voice and touch access to notifications, maps and music

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with premium app subscriptions worth over $500

First dual-boot Windows Phone 8 and Android handsets said to arrive by June

Leaked screenshots reveal Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant for Windows Phone

Pizza Hut's concept touch table lets you swipe your way to a perfect pie

Photo suggests Oppo's Find 7 smartphone might have a 50-megapixel camera

Chrome OS may soon let you run multiple profiles at once

Microsoft tries to get users off Windows XP with migration tools and warnings

First two Microsoft execs exit following new CEO appointment

RunKeeper adds training plan feature to its Android app

Samsung's latest Chromebooks come wrapped in faux-leather, on sale next month for $320 and up