10 Years In: The birth of Engadget

The evening of June 23, 2005, wasn't especially hot in New York City, at least by historical standards. The day's high was a mere 79 degrees, slightly below average for late June, and well below the record for the day of 96. But inside Compact-Impact, a Japanese gadget store on the city's Lower East Side, things were downright steamy. As more than 200 sweaty fans packed the tiny storefront, it quickly became stifling, crowded and noisy. It wasn't an appearance by a hot local band or political activist. It was a meetup. For a blog. Engadget had arrived.

"I didn't know if anyone would come," recalled founder Peter Rojas. "The fact that people would show up and hang out with the guys from a gadget site kind of blew my mind."


Ps. Congrats guys!


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