Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with premium app subscriptions worth over $500

After powering the world's most retweeted tweet, Samsung has also revealed a suite of app-based upgrades that future GS5 owners will receive, free, alongside their new smartphone. While Evernote and Linkedin's premium services only extend to three months, we have no complaints about six free months of the Wall Street Journal and year-long access to Bloomberg's Businessweek. The Galaxy S5 will also include a year of Run Keeper Premium, as well as limited-time premium services for Map My Fitness and Skimple. There's no Dropbox this time, but there is 50GB of free cloud storage -- for six months -- from Box. Also, in case you forgot about the Galaxy S5's heart-rate sensor, you'll also pick up a year's subscription to Lark's personal wellness app, which will plug into (and monitor) all your health metrics... until you're ready to pay another 36 bucks to extend the service. But then, who can put a price on good health?



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