Microsoft tries to get users off Windows XP with migration tools and warnings

Microsoft really wants Windows XP holdouts to upgrade before official support ends in a month's time, and it's providing some last-minute incentives to get those people moving forward. The company will soon let XP users download a free copy of Laplink's PCmover Express to migrate their data to newer Windows releases. The crew in Redmond isn't just hoping that users will find the tool and update on their own, though. It plans to send an end-of-support notification to most XP users on March 8th; if they didn't already know about the deadline, they likely will by this weekend. Microsoft can't force its customers to use modern software, but these latest steps will at least make its intentions clear.


Of course we y'al know Windows XP is the best thing which occurs to PC history, BUT also is a bit outdated thanks to new technologies. Lately no one wants to know their programs rans in older PCs, since memory resources (and speed, too) are bigger in these days and oldier ones.

Microsoft duty should be not dropping OS at all, but at least maintain some kind of compatibility in newer OS.

Unfortunately companies does not understand about upgrading, and that's suddenly great programs and OSes are abandoned.