Hitting 55 Straight Green Lights in New York is the Ultimate High Score

This guy makes 55 consecutive stoplights in Manhattan without coming to a full stop. It's like a real-life version of Flappy Bird.P

Granted, the filmmaker, Tim Burke (not Deadspin's Tim Burke) did so around 3 a.m., when there's nothing but a few nighthawk cabs on the road, and you can sort of set your own pace (and move into the bus-only lane if someone's going slow in the middle,)P

I'm not sure where his route takes him. It doesn't look (to me, who lives in rural North Carolina) like the FDR or the West Side Highway. It's dark, and I want to say he's on the Upper West Side headed south because there aren't many right hand turns available. But I really have no idea. I lived in New York only a year and it was 14 years ago. There is a monument at 4:25 that New Yorkers might recognize.

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