PS4eye, the tools to hack the Playstation 4 Camera

The PS4eye blog recently came to my attention thanks to an anonymous tipster: Although PS4 hacking is in its infancy, we are starting to see some really cool stuff out there, and one of the most promising initiatives so far is PS4eye, a series of tools designed to hack the PS4 camera.

The PS4 camera has pretty nice features, and it would really be awesome to be able to use it on a PC directly, for some cool Augmented Reality or computer vision projects (reminder for Sony: the Kinect became insanely cool when Microsoft decided it was ok for people to play with it on their PC). As it turns out, the PS4 camera cable seems to be standard USB3, and “tiny” modifications of the port let the people behind ps4eye connect their PS4 camera to a PC.

Download PS4eyetoy tools & dump


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