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In Germany, internet service providers pay you! (for loss of service)

BitTorrent working on file-sync app: sounds like Dropbox, calls itself Sync

Gizmo Board is an AMD-powered embedded system for developers and tinkerers

First Ubuntu smartphone will keep things simple, launch without an app store

LaCie Blade Runner drive now available, offers stand-out storage for $300

Roland Cube Lite mini amplifier allows you to control guitar licks, aux input independently

Unlocking new phones now banned under DMCA, the EFF weighs in

BlackBerry Z10 priced at £480 SIM-free by purported Carphone Warehouse database leak (update)

PDJ Portable Disc Jockey is a complete DJ system that fits in your pocket, we go hands-on

IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard and iRig HD hands-on

WindowsAndroid runs Google's mobile OS natively on the Windows kernel

4000 visits! Now, time for gifts!

Nokia 808 PureView: officially the last Symbian phone

Nokia is hooked on Windows Phone, now has to pay for it

Google patent application reveals Glass-like device with bone-conduction audio

Apple applies for shoe-life sensor patent, puts it in hypothetical brogues

Cambridge University opening Graphene Centre to take material 'to the next level'

Google adds ARM support to Chrome's Native Client

Argo Medical refreshes ReWalk Rehabilitation exoskeleton

RIM details BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10: IT guys get a single web console for their various tools

Insert Coin: Securifi Almond+ takes the touchscreen router to the next level

The Real Truth: Behind The Scenes Of The iPhone 5 Jailbreak

Pioneer intros Platinum Edition CDJ-2000nexus, matching mixer and remixer

Leaked HTC Sense 5 screenshots suggest a leaner, cleaner skin

Next to 4000 visits!

GCW-Zero: Open Source Gaming Handheld

BlackBerry Z10 shown in first hands-on video

Viber overhauls BlackBerry app to v2.3, promises VoIP calls are coming in April

Facebook starts turning on free voice calls for iPhone users in the US (update)

The PlayStation Vita only holds 100 content bubbles, regardless of available memory

PS Vita release: ARK eCFW for the UNO exploit