iPhone 4 iOS 7.x.x PassCode READ. WINDOWS ONLY

iPhone 4 iOS 7.x.x PassCode READ. WINDOWS ONLY.
I had hard time to manage this to work, but now its tested on two iPhone 4 models 7.0 and 7.0.4 iOS versions.

ONLY iPhone 4 (IPHONE3,1) revision is supported !!!

so.. lets get started.

Download this .rar Zippyshare DL and extract it to any folder you want, in my case its c:/A folder. you will need winrar to extract. WinRAR archiver

Download iphone firmware to the same folder. HERE

1. Lets Go in to DFU mode by doing as showed here How To Put Your iPhone Into DFU Mode

2. Launch "Gecko_iPhone_Toolkit.exe: From Folder, Chose iPhone 4 (GSM) and press BOOT, than OK, than choose iphone firmware we just downloaded (strictly it should be in the same directory as every other files)


3. Leave gecko software running and launch RUN.bat from same folder and wait until redsn0w finish his job. when it tells you that it is DONE ! and start looking at your iphone screen.

4. Once in iPhone screen you will see a big white OK, Quit Redsnow, and go back to GECKO, press LAUNCH button and vait about 30 or 40min untill software Bruteforces your password.

Ignore any errors you see on screen, ignore that Gecko tool is frozen, just leave everything and depending on what passcode it is it will take some time, for example 0011 code takes about 5 to 10 seconds to break, 5555 passcode needs about 30 minutes, so 9999 can take more than one hour i think.

When software founds your password, it will prompts text with your passcode in Gecko tool as usually on iOS 6. so just be patient.


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