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Touch Bionics releases new prosthetic fingers, flips the old ones the bird

Modbook Pro to launch with SSD storage, up for pre-order October 3rd

Facebook Messenger 2.0 for iPhone brings new design to conversations, swipe left for friends list

Razer Blade review (late 2012)

Sony shuts down PSP Comic Store after October 30th, leaves most of us in the lurch for now

Apple A6 investigation shows highly customized dual-core, triple-GPU layout

RIM reveals more details about Blackberry 10

BBM for BlackBerry 10 gets a retooled UI, predictive keyboard with language detection

Vita charger issue

iPhone 5 owners report scuffs and scratches out of the box

Sony thinks it’s a good idea to track your DNA to prevent piracy

Latest iPhone and Android both hacked at the Pwn2Own contest

(Video) VHBL on Vita firmware 1.81

Extra bonus image :P (@chpwn... you rocks!!!)

Took just 1 day to @chpwn...

Get your iPhone4 Factory Unlocked!!

TokyoGameShow 2012 News Roundup

Still working: Emulator progress

BES IM Clients Released By RIM

BlackBerry 10 L-Series Pre-Release Device Gets Taken Apart

5 Reasons Why Yahoo! CEO Should Offer BB10 to Employeees

Apple's EarPods get the iFixit teardown treatment, found to basically be earbuds

PSA: iOS 6 expected to arrive at 1PM Eastern, get your downloads ready

Kindle Fire HD 7-inch rooted in spite of Amazon, unstoppable force meets the unhackable object (video)

The current state of Vita hacking (as Sept 2012)

Vita Firmware 1.81 is out, patches VHBL

Progress update

Adobe Photoshop won't support Windows XP in next major release

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II firmware update appears, points to Jelly Bean and HSPA+

Amazon Kindle Fire HD torn down, proves an easy fix

iPhone 5 pre-orders crack 2 million in first 24 hours

Microsoft sends out a Save the Date for Windows 8, all to be revealed in NYC on October 25th

Anandtech: Apple iPhone 5 features 1GB of RAM, A6 is a custom SoC

HTC's 5-inch behemoth phone spied in press render, may be called One X 5

Windows Phone 8 presentation

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 review

Still in work...

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It is precisely by the software, beloved Apple!

How about a MFG-SPL Webinar?

iPhone 5 officially announced with 4-inch lcd, A6 CPU and LTE for $199 on Sept 21st

Motorola Droid RAZR M review: a very good ICS handset in a small, Kevlar-wrapped package

Engadget Live Broadcast... iPhone 5

Progress... and there is no have to crack anything

Some music for you...

Samsung Galaxy S III drops to $99 on Amazon for a 'very limited time only'

HTC Desire V review

Review: Sony Xperia LT30p Mint

Apple's iPhone 5 unveiling happens tomorrow, get your liveblog here!

Confirmed: AT&T offers complimentary unlock of in-contract iPhones for deployed military personnel

YouTube releases standalone app for iOS, tablet-tailored version in the works

Viber comes to Symbian, S40 and Bada, adds HD voice calling and group messaging to Nokia Lumia handsets

Verizon may be planning an HTC Desire 4G LTE

Enterprise-D restoration fundraiser goes live: your chance to revive a slice of Star Trek is here

HTC MFGSPL, IMEI, OSMFG, s58 cleaning, etc...

More HTC MFG-SPL IMEI stuff? Have more!


I remember THIS post 08/12/2009 (3 yrs ago!!)

HTC Excalibur modified SPL-IMEI... the files

Because I told you! a image worth than a millon of words...

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