Evernote 5 for Windows Desktop arrives in beta, promises better UI and search

Mac users have enjoyed Evernote 5 for nearly eight months now, while those with Windows have had to glare at them in envy and make do with the web version. But never fear, PC aficionados, as you too will get your own taste of the popular note-taking app today -- well, almost. Though the final version isn't completely ready, the beta version is, however. For those brave enough to venture into the beta waters, Evernote 5 offers several improvements over its predecessor. Namely, the interface is fresher and more modern, and new search and discovery tools have been added to help you find those hastily scribbled notes that much faster. As ever with beta software, Evernote warns that data loss might be a possibility and that certain key features like Reminders have yet to be implemented. But if you're a Windows fiend who just can't wait to see what's new with Evernote, head on over to the source.



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