Exploitable Game for PS Vita 2.12 announced (VHBL)

You’ve been waiting a lot for this, we had to delay the ninja release for several reasons (one being that I shamelessly took 4 days of holiday last week, and therefore couldn’t have handled a public announcement at that time), but there it is, the public announce of the game used to run Qwikrazor87′s VHBL port for the Vita 2.12

So, before we start, a few reminders:

VHBL is provided “as is” without any guarantee. In order to run VHBL, you will need to buy the specific game mentioned below and install it on your Vita. Keep in mind that the money you pay for the game goes to Sony and the developers of the game, and the only guarantee you get by doing so is to get that game for your PS Vita. That being said, I personally tested VHBL extensively on this exploit and I can vouch for it.

VHBL runs a subset of PSP homebrews. you can find early test results here, and here. In particular, VHBL does not run PSP isos, PSP plugins, PSP homebrews that require PSP kernel mode. VHBL does not run native Vita homebrews or Vita roms.

The exploit works on Vita firmware 2.12 and below. There is no guarantee that this exploit will run on firmwares beyond 2.12. Actually, based on our experience, it is pretty much guaranteed that the next Sony firmware will patch the exploit.

Because of what is stated above, it is recommended that you deactivate your Vita Wifi connection as long as you want to use VHBL. The reason is that your Vita might force you to update to a newer firmware when it connects to the net.

The exploited game is officially only available on the US PSN. However, people have contacted us to tell us PS3 owners can buy the game from your PC/PS3 in other countries such as European countries, then copy it to the Vita from your PS3 using the Content manager. I have not tested this personally and would still recommend to go with the US version of the game if you can. I explain here how to switch your Vita to a US account, and here how you can get the necessary US credit to purchase the game.

Once you buy the game, be sure to install it as soon as possible on your vita. Do not let it sit in the download list, or on your PS3. Sony have ways to prevent you from downloading/installing the game, and they will do it.

In general, to prevent the hack from spreading, Sony remove the exploited game from their stores within 48h following our announcements. If you want this hack, get it now. Not tomorrow, not in one hour, not after you’ve gone to the restroom.

We will release the actual files for the hack in the next few days. Typically we do so just after Sony pulls the game from their store, but this is not a rule written in stone.

If all the limitations and explanations above did not frighten you, here is the game:

Vulnerability disclosure: A buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the following PSP Game:

Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot ($3.99 on the US PSN)

This critical vulnerability puts the Sony PSP and Sony PS Vita at risk of running malicious software such as Super Mario Bros, Sonic, or Quake.

Source: Wololo's Blog


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