Update: VHBL 2.12, fix for the EU version

Quickly, users running on the EU version of the exploit started reporting issues at the “freeing memory” step of the exploit, a very frustrating experience for those who have waited for the exploit for months. But Qwikrazor87 got to work immediately after being made aware of the problem, and released an update that fixes the issue.

Note that this update is only valid for people running on the EU version of the game. If you are having issues with the US exploit, your issue might be different.
In all cases, if you are getting error when running VHBL, please try the following steps before anything else:
  • Reboot the console and try to run the exploit again. Sometimes the issue is transient
  • Try to copy the exploit to your console again. I have seen the Content Manager Assistant make mistakes in the past
  • If none of the above worked, try to switch your console’s language to English. It helps to have exactly the same settings that the hacker used to develop the exploit. In this case, English was the language used in the game for tests.


The updated VHBL version can be found on our vhbl page.
Thanks to qwikrazor87 for the fast patch! If you appreciate his work please donate to him to show your support!

Source: Wololo's blog


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