Android gaming with your PS3 controller

Do you game a lot on the on your android devices? Well there is a great app for you, “the Sixaxis”. It will let you play all your favorite games and emulator with your ps3 controller.

You’re going to need three things:

  • a Rooted Android Device
  • a computer
  • and a ps3 controller (duh)

The first program you’re going to need is for the PC. It can be found here or just click here: Sixaxis pairtool.

Now you’re going to get the sixaxis app from google play store. I recommend downloading the test app (Sixaxis compatibility checker) first to make sure that your android is rooted.

If the check tool tells you you’re good, time to purchase the app (I know…). Once this is done, run the app and press start, it will show you the bluetooth address at the bottom. Now you need to go back to your PC and use the pairing tool. Plug in the ps3 controller into the pc (USB Cord) and type in the bluetooth address into the pairing tool and hit update. That’s it, now your android and ps3 controller are paired, just make sure you change your input method on your android device before playing your favorite game.

You will still have to map your buttons out for some games and emulators but you really gotta love Ps3 accessories they almost work on everything.  So enjoy gaming with your ps3 controller on your Android devices.

Source: Wololo's blog


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