Want to try the new 10.2 BB10 OS? Be the first!

Of course let me tell something about: THIS IS A BETA. So I do not carry with data loss, or computer exploding... If you want to try something new, you have to carry the risks... Let's cook:

OPTIONAL (and safe measure): Do backup using Blackberry Link
UPDATE: Sorry STL100-1 folks, this update is not for yours. If you want to experiment, is AT YOUR OWN RISK.
UPDATE #2: Do not perform system upgrade (OTA/wireless) after you apply it or your device will have a infinite loop reboot (so you will have to restore it back to ur oldie OS)

So, basically the steps are:

  • Download your 10.2 beta OS from this LINK
  • Do not forget to previously wipe your phone to avoid erratic behaviours
  • Then upgrade using this system OS (LINK, another LINK, just-in-case-these-dont-work another LINK)
Happy upgrading! If you want to post/show your results, feel free to post. You can guide other users, too :)


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