BB10 codes for just $60 USD (no matter what country/operator is)

Yes, this is a limited time offer. Do you have a Z10/Q10 phone, country/subsidy locked? No matter what country/operator comes ur phone, all of your subsidy unlock codes for just 60$ USD. Just send me (of course) operator and country where comes from, IMEI and PRL number (which can be located at back of your phone). If your handset have 0 retries, there is no solution... yet hehe. If you don't know where it comes from, sorry... I can't do much :/

Payments are via PayPal, you can find the magic button or just send payment to

Codes to being processed took 12 ~ 24 hrs max. In some cases they can be ready in less time, so you can have your phone unlocked fast!

Questions? just leave me a message or write me up to (Hotmail is just for PayPal purposes). Do not forget to add [BLOG CODES] in subject, to know you're writing about this post.

Happy unlocking!


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