PS Vita firmware 2.6 adds enhanced save management, spruced up UI

We're weary of the PlayStation Vita's constant firmware updates, but what version 2.6 brings to the table makes the patches almost bearable. Not only does it make managing game saves via PlayStation Plus easier, but the bubbles representing menu functions, games and apps are noticeably crisper, too. Sony has also added the ability to toggle wireless connectivity -- WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G and airplane mode -- by holding down the system's blue PS button. The features don't stop rolling there either, as you can now play media stored on a PC or PS3 remotely, without using the kludgy Remote Play app or copying the files to your handheld. While we've listed a quartet of tweaks here, there are a slew of other changes detailed in a video after the break and Sony has the full release notes on its official site.



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