PS Vita: 2 more VHBL ports for firmware 2.61

We mentioned recently that both The Z and xXShinkirouXx are in possession of PSP exploits running on the latest Vita firmware 2.61, which was released yesterday.

They both took it one step forward by providing proof of concept videos of each on of their exploits running VHBL on Vita firmware 2.61.

This should not be a surprise to those of you who know how these exploits work (Sony only patch the “entry points” to VHBL, but not the “concepts” that let the PSP emulator run VHBL on the Vita), but it’s still good to know we still have options on the latest firmware.

On a side note, Yosh (wth) confirmed to me that the changes (in the PSP emulator) between firmware 2.60 and 2.61 are minimal, confirming that this firmware update was solely made to block the 2.60 Arcade darts exploits.

Enjoy the VHBL videos below

In his video, xXShinkirouXx shows Daedalus, Lamecraft (Minecraft clone on the Vita), Snes9xTYL, Bookr, Jelly Car, PSPlorer, gPSP running on the Vita 2.61.

The Z showcases Snes9xTYL, Masterboy (a.k.a. Emumaster), gPSP, and Wagic on his own VHBL port.

Release dates (if any) for both these exploits are still unknown, as well as (of course) the games these exploits rely on.

Source: Wololo's Blog
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