Adidas miCoach X_Cell hits FCC, looks ready to track your sporting life

Judging by a recent FCC application, Adidas is about to add a new player to its miCoach lineup: the X_Cell performance monitor. According to the manual, the wee device can either be worn on your clothing or strapped to your chest for use in sports like football, soccer and tennis. So attached, it'll store seven hours or more of your sprinting speeds, dodging and cutting forces, jump forces, workout times and heart rates. You can then connect via Bluetooth to the miCoach iOS app to monitor your progress or brag about it on Facebook or Twitter. Adidas has yet to announce it, so there's no word on cost or an arrival date -- but when it does come, coasting through practice might be a thing of the past. To see a flip-side image, hit the break.



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