Mockups of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C? has posted photos of recently obtained iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C mockup devices. These mockups are often created by case manufacturers to leaked specifications for testing with new case designs.

The site obtained the mockups from which apparently provided them with an accurate iPad mini mockup as well.

I see 5C iPhone models have almost exactly the same size iPhone 5, the corners are more rounded, lumpy skin is not smooth but slightly lighter. Notably, the buttons made from plastic, not metal. The biggest difference from the bottom of the machine, we saw two bigger screws, large and small speaker holes cut more. Notably, besides micro sensor of iPhone 5 phone does not appear on the iPhone 5C, only secondary camera. Microphone located next to the camera side has not moved in a circle up (iPhone 5S, too).

Source: iClarified


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