I know, visits are going doooooooooooooown

Sorry for longtime no-posting stuff... But I was a little bit busy doing some cash (need it, wasn't shit from me asking for a couple of coins in donation-way), and perhaps will be still busy doing it. Stuff is getting shit out of me, but at least we're alive and with proper health. Isn't the best way of living we want it, but I'm thankful I have a couple of jobs to do and stuff is getting bit better. Anyways, If you want to contribute you can help me with your prayers, to get better thru this. To continue helping people and not forgetting you from this blog. To be the best for my mom & sister. To be a man who someone wants.

Still thanks for your continue support, even If I don't post smth new.

Ps. You already know PayPal/Payza address [ luigivsf@hotmail.com ]

May The Lord Bless you all... :)


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