Westone debuts Adventure Series Alpha earphones: water-resistant, audiophile grade, $200

Some would say that a good set of earphones are a dime a dozen nowadays, but that's not stopping outfits like Westone from trying to give you more (and, perhaps, even better) options to choose from. Enter the Adventure Series Alpha. These newly introduced in-ear headphones are, as the company puts it, tailored to bring "exceptional audio performance, fit, and design for the active user." How so, you ask? Well, the ADV earphones boast an array of notable features, such as IPX-3 attributes for water resistance and in-line controls for iOS devices. Most importantly, however, is the 6.5mm micro driver found inside the Adventure Series Alpha, which Westone's suited with an audio tech dubbed Precision Fine Tuning that "delivers sonic accuracy with extended bass." If all that sounds good, then you best be ready to pony up $200, as that's the price to pay before you can call 'em your own.



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