Microsoft lists new Play and Charge Kit, Chat Headset for Xbox One

Once you've purchased that hot new Xbox One, you've got to have a couple of accessories to go along with it. Naturally Microsoft has thought of that, as it just announced a new version of its Play and Charge Kit plus a refreshed Chat Headset to accompany the next-gen console. As with the previous iteration, the Kit bundles in a controller-compatible lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack plus a cable that'll charge the gamepad when connected to the console. Microsoft claims it can juice up twice as fast as its predecessor and is able to keep charging during gameplay or standby. You can either get the Kit by itself or as part of a controller bundle. The Chat Headset appears to be the same as it was before; it's a wired mono headset with wideband digital audio and a unidirectional microphone. We're still looking for details on pricing and availability (plus a picture or two), but we'll let you know more details as soon we do.