Must See HDTV (June 3rd - 9th)

The summer programming schedule has officially arrived, and this week familiar warm weather favorites return including Continuum, Falling Skies and Burn Notice. There are also a few new entire including TNT's The Hero reality show and Sinbad on Syfy, plus a lengthy list of Blu-ray releases including a few classics and season five of Breaking Bad. The NHL Conference finals are in full swing, and tonight we'll find out who's joining the Spurs in the NBA Finals. All that, and we haven't even mentioned the Game of Thrones season finale or the news that Dan Harmon is returning to Community. Look below for the highlights this week, followed after the break by our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and videogames.

Despite a plot centering around the always-tricky-to-pull-off time travel, season one of this Canadian science fiction show impressed us when it finally aired here, and now season two is ready to go on Syfy. The first season left plenty of juicy plot threads and cliffhangers for us to wonder about, and now we'll find out if the show can continue to deliver on them. Check after the break for a season two preview.
(June 7th, Syfy, 9PM)

Falling Skies
TNT's own science fiction effort returns for its third season this weekend and features a new twist in the battle against Earth-invading aliens -- more aliens. The first two seasons have had some inconsistent quality and gotten bogged down in romantic or political plot lines occasionally, but the premieres and finales always suck us right back in.
(June 9th TNT, 8PM)

Max Max Trilogy
All three Mad Max films get a Blu-ray set this week, and the third movie Beyond Thunderdome makes its debut on the format. We shouldn't have to convince you this one is worth viewing, but you can see a few trailer clips after the break. Why is this set arriving now? A new flick, Fury Road, is due next year with Tom Hardy taking over the title role.
($34.86 on Amazon)



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