Get your hands and eyes to LA and put them on Microsoft's Xbox One next week

Microsoft's Xbox spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb is giving fans a chance to take a very early hands-on look at the Xbox One's new gamepad next week. On Monday June 10th, just a day before the official kickoff of E3, Hryb is taking to Microsoft's Century City company store and allotting a solid 90 minutes for controller touching, as well as ogling of the new box and its always-on Kinect. Wouldn't you know it, that's right during Sony's PlayStation 4 press conference!

As the event is both free and full of loosed next-gen hardware, Hryb suggests showing up well ahead of time -- we'll be on-hand, snapping your picture and distributing high fives. He also teases, "one or two other surprises" as well, which we're hoping isn't a free Kin for every person who gets in.



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