The truth about RTAS. Part 1

I never thought this day will come, but after so many yrs of research and time-wasting, I came with some personal opinions about RTAS thing, so take this as a short Q&A.

Remember, are my personal opinions. Maybe are right, maybe are wrong.

What is RTAS? Real time authentication system. Some kind of security created some years ago bcoz RIM was tired of getting their phones fucked up by anyone. So someone created this, a combination of private networks and some ask/response challenges.

Why is SO hard? Well, isn't very hard at all. The real thing is, combination of encryptions used in this. All of this were created in visual .net, using standard encryptions (found on .net stuff). Since for any kind of encryption we need the passphrase, don't need one, so that's why its a bit hard. Also we don't know length of passwords, or some additional info. So we're at a lost ship.

What is the progress we have so far? Well, we have a lot of info, but with NO direction. Access to some files which can be enough to make it run stuff, but without a proper direction we CANNOT make it work.

We need more information, like hashes used, additional info on encryption. Stuff like that. Remember THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, just to see how programmers can be made of.

Wait for the 2nd part... Be prepared!


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