Audi to take NVIDIA powered MIB systems global, drive Tegra through Asian, North American markets

NVIDIA and Audi have been building high-end infotainment systems for some time, but until now, the best of the team's efforts have only been available to European drivers. Not anymore -- NVIDIA announced today that Audi's latest Tegra-based MIB high-end is ready to hit the road, and is due to arrive in major markets in Asia, the US and Canada by 2014. The system uses a variety of technologies to offer drivers live updates from Google Earth real-time updates on gas prices and even weather forecasts.

Audi says it's planning to bring the MIB systems to all of it's new vehicles, and is also pimping the tech out to other brands, such as Volkswagen and Skoda. The company didn't specify which Tegra chip would be making the international tour, but NVIDIA general manager Taner Ozcelik suggests that upgrading the system to the company's latest is a relatively smooth process. "NVIDIA's modular VCM approach lets companies like Audi quickly move from a Tegra 2 processor, to a Tegra 3 and beyond." Read on for the company's official press release.

Source: Engadget


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