Review: Sony Xperia LT30p Mint

Sony wants to make a strong effort to return to the market as a player both with strong and numerous solutions. Xperia S created a uniqure situation for the company, with only one new device available for more than a month with the rest of the same line up appearing on most markets roughly four weeks ago. This time around Sony is trying to create as many devices as possible with many or just a few differences betweebn them offered at different prices to offer one device for every consumer.

LT30p belongs to this new crop of models and along with Sony Tipo and a couple of other new handsets, which are also to be presented also tries to differentiate itself from the design philosophy that was used in Xperia S and all its junior sibblings. Lt30p aims at the high end maket to be placed as Sony's flahsgip for the third quarter of the year. While practically replacing Xperia S in that place, it has very few similarities both in terms of design and features.


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