It is precisely by the software, beloved Apple!

Yesterday, I suppose like many, I kept careful presentation of the iPhone 5, and we love it because we know what the rival competition, because we like android, above anything, we love technology and many times that no brand or name, and it is through that passion, we like Android and not an android, who got married with a brand or a specific phone, if we like (or not if I sell) a particular platform, and that, obviously gives a more open and real picture.

I followed closely the comments of experts, journalists and other people talk about the new iPhone 5 and see them having to rebuild the arguments that have been used for five years. It's okay, though rectify is wise to hide this ugly. Yesterday, I followed closely as the iPhone 5 becoming the first since the original iPhone, a phone anymore, and like many brand purists were disappointed, saying "no magic" as if during these five years we had lived a Show sort of illusion or illusions or tricks, who knows.

Apple has caved in Hardware
During these five years, I have watched closely as Apple has been able to continue the push for innovation imposed hardware than other brands, alone against all, and often getting ahead in innovation, and I liked that because historically Apple has never wanted on that note, however, imports and over time has been at the height, while for many it was a strong argument to defend iPhones: "It has the best screen, has a processor and RAM 100% adapted to the system, has a excellent building materials, has, has ... "and also as icing on the cake, the design, the shiny apple crowning what looked like a work of modern art for many, in short, the hardware.

And we found out that the hardware and is not everything, it's just one more piece, and have nothing in it that are better than the rest, so I added just a more important, but certainly nothing with that chest out, and I will not list technical data we all know already. Not to be behind in innovation but end up doing better as has happened before, is that now, just go back.

It is precisely for the Software
So grab the Software is only as star argument about all the admiration that tilts toward the iPhone. It is precisely because the software say, but NO darling Apple, is precisely why the android software is so superior, it has always been and will be.
On the Software because the versatility of Android in terms of adaptation to different hardware is immense, so immense, that transcends beyond the smartphone, with android OS of choice for almost any electronic product that seeks to bring something else, ie the the future.
On the Software because the level of customization, optimization and adaptation with applications, interfaces, accessories is so brutal that are discovered every day and get new options and utilities for our smartphones.
By software because it is free and there is a development community behind exploring innovation, provides and offers a number of solutions, developments and optimizations that an iPhone could ever dream.
On the Software because every day that passes, specifically with Jelly Bean, optimization, speed, smoothness, response and fluidity ultimately, have given android that point was missing and that makes it the best choice, because of this, by Software
By the software, because although iOS 6 incorporates many major improvements and things I like to see on Android, this, is that not so many iOS but android will grow and expand because more mobility, agility and speed to iOS, drawing on many sources that provide ideas and solutions.

What's left to Apple?
As a reasonable person I think, is to see the good things that you are left to Apple, and that any other brand would dream of having them, so not to be sad that no longer fit or the hardware or software, there are more things .

A fits Apple brand value, that value is not nobody, not even Google arouse interest, admiration and anticipation.Surely have fits a camera, (that of the new iPhone 5) enviable and an uncanny ability to Although there are many brands and doing well, but Apple still see above in this regard (I do not include this in hardware or software because the secret of your camera is a combination of both, but I will not go into more technical now)

And last but not least, it is a third thing, Android, yes, the App Store is enviable, for users and developers, because it generates a lot of money even for users and add value with a number of applications that exceed quality to Android, but of course, because most outgrow payment are not having nearly free alternatives can not test apps, so in an ideal world of people with many euros to spare, if the app store is better because it has best apps.

And people will still buy the iPhone 5 and buy a phone is fabulous, and there are people happy with it, even I would say that is a good buy despite its high price , however, admit that say it is the best smartphone or the best OS, if only for decency and accept plurality knowledge is one thing better than a range of 100, because we are not all equal, nor do we want to be.

The value of apple today is in their apps, not in itself, and I think that sums it up.

Source: elandroidelibre (Spanish page)


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