[Root] Enable Twitter’s Hidden Tweetstorm Feature and 280 Character Tweets

we’ve shown you how to unlock hidden functionality within applications on numerous occasions, such as with Facebook Messenger internals or Google Allo secret features. Today we’re here to share how to access more hidden features— including Twitter’s upcoming “Tweetstorm” feature! A tweetstorm is a series of tweets posted in rapid succession by the same user. Rather than planning how to separate your thoughts into different tweets, you can just post a very long tweet and the Twitter application will split the message and link them together in one thread for you. What’s more, you can also send 280 character Tweets! 280 character tweets are exactly as they sound, simply giving you the ability to send a twice as long message at one time, and no, the tweet doesn’t split into two messages!

For tweetstorms, this makes things easier for the end user and allows you to write as long of a message as you want, having them all linked together and easily read. Last month, Twitter began quietly testing this feature internally. But by using an Xposed Module, you too can enable tweetstorm functionality and 280 character tweets on your Android device!



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