The dark days of Vita homebrew are over

Developer ‘xerpi’ who is probably most well-known for libVita2D has started dabbling around with libgxm! Libgxm is the Vita’s 3D graphics API.

What does this mean?

In layman’s terms, it means that now, homebrew will be able to access the GPU thus we can expect to see ports of beefier software someday. This means that the days of having everything rendered by software may finally come to an end. Hardware acceleration could bring the Vita various emulators (such as the N64 and maybe Dreamcast) and more demanding homebrew ports/titles. libGXM is quite a complex API according to ‘Xerpi’ so it’s important that everyone does their best at being patient.

Xerpi has said, on Reddit, that he plans to help libretro which means that we could eventually see an N64 emulator up and running.

Awesome! Can I see what libGXM can do?

Actually, you can! Xerpi has kindly provided a demo VPK to show what libGXM can actually do! This makes it the 2nd Vita 3D homebrew after Yifan’s cube demo. The demo isn’t anything special but you can move around, rotate a cube and look in awe at the few lighting effects. Keep in mind, that right now, libGXM is not known well by any developers so development will be slow. You can install Xerpi’s demo right now on your HENkaku/taiHEN-enabled Vita to have fun messing around.


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