Nintendo Switch

Earlier today Nintendo revealed their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. The device was revealed through a video that shows its dual use as a portable gaming system and a “traditional” living room console.

The Nintendo Switch basically looks like a tablet that can be plugged into a dock connected to the TV. When removed from the dock, the device can then be used as a portable console. If the promotional video is to be believed, switching between the living room experience and the portable experience is seamless, meaning you can play on your big TV screen and then just plug-out the console to keep playing outside.

This is certainly an interesting take on this recent problem that console manufacturers have been trying to solve. Sony’s solution for this has been remote play (you can play your PS4 games on your PS Vita or your phone), and for a limited amount of games, cross-play (Vita/PS4) and compatible save data.

Nintendo’s solution with the Nintendo Switch ensures that the transition between playing on your TV and on the go will be smooth, so it could be a clever move. I have to say though that I don’t personally see myself as a big user of such a feature: the games I want to play on my TV and the games I want to play on the go, I’ve found, are quite different.

There’s also the problem (typical for Nintendo?) That the Nintendo Switch will probably be dramatically underpowered compared to regular living room consoles. That’s usually not a problem for Nintendo fans: Nintendo consoles are rarely the most powerful of their generations, but this probably ensures that the Switch will not attract “hardcore” gamers more than the Wii U did. Then again, that’s rarely Nintendo’s target.

No price has been announced for the Nintendo Switch yet. The console is scheduled to be released in March.


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