OneDrive will tell you when someone's editing your files

If you've ever worried that someone was editing your shared documents behind your back, Microsoft might just set your mind at ease. The folks in Redmond are rolling out an update to OneDrive that tells you when someone is editing a file you've shared, whether through a mobile notification or a daily summary email -- you'll know if someone is diving into that quarterly report a little too soon, or if that spreadsheet will be ready for tomorrow. Only some users will see these alerts at first, but they should be "widely available" in the weeks ahead.

There's more beyond that. Microsoft recently added support for sharing synced folders to your desktop, and it's now making it possible to search within files that have been shared with you, not just your own material. You won't have to remember whether or not you were the first to bring up that important topic, in other words. Overall, these OneDrive updates could eliminate some of the confusion that comes with putting your content in the cloud -- you'll have a better sense of who's working on what.



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