New era is coming

Yup my friends, long time no writing for yours. Since I moved from my hometown to the main city, some things have been changed. Bad business to start my new life here, have to pay a LONG debt (about $3500 USD) and guy is not a good person. Thx God have a chance and im paying as I can, and as soon as I finish it will start to develop again as I usually do (Im developing but at SLLLOOOOWWW motion).

This simple article is not about asking donations as usually do. Is just to make u know there is a new era coming up. New developers, new programming stuff, everything new (like Transformers 4). People like me have to be ready or better change what I do, and since I don't change for that, I will adapt for it, change some behaviours and thinking. All of this, is for you, you take some time to read my blog, even my stupids things or articles which I really appreciate it.

Remember: New era is coming. I took some borrowed words from a movie (Iron Man 3) which basically resume my life (past-present, since future I build it from zero, scratch)

"You start something pure, something exciting. Then come the mistakes, the compromises. We create our own demons."

Have it in mind. Acts define people. See you soon :)


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