So this is basically / Asi que esto es basicamente [ENGLISH TEXT]

Yup my friends, basically blog's idea was introduce you in technology world and make it less complex or hard for us. Lately I don't made own reviews, I took some time to check nice stories for your informative pleasure (visits tells me that i'm doing good)

But... what will occur if one day I end all? Gift domain? Sell blog? Meh, so many times I asked it but... that's why I write this, from my own hand and keyboard, 'cause this is what I love: technology, programming, taking all to a new whole level, exponentiate my capacities. That's all about, basically blog's soul: technology.

Right now i'm at another city, 1 month ago. Things have been normal, sort of. Thanks to The Lord nothing have been missing from me, but unfortunately I'm not doing money (a couple of coins from AdSense program, but isn't quite enough), but we're doing best what we can, and really this is the only thing that really matter. The Lord will give me all I need, and later we will do those experiments that we'll love.

Thanks again for being part of this blog even if you don't donate or leave comments, I know you're here 'cause your visits really counts.

Best regards

blog creator / webmaster


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