Wide Selection of HTC Devices To Unlock!

Well, we just have make bigger our device unlocking selections, so I will update this as soon as I test unlocking method:

!! Those models are tested !!
Vox (S710)
T-Mobile Shadow
Touch ELF or ELFIN
Palm Treo 750
Excalibur (S620, S621)
Herald (P4350)
T-Mobile Wing (Hera110)
Palm Treo Pro

i don't write up all HTC models bcoz all models aren't supported yet. As I get one of them, I can test unlock method


hertse said…
Great stuff about the Unlocking HTC Mobile..I am also using the HTC Mobile.. During unlocking process unlocking code is the best one to unlock the Mobile.So i used the unlocking code to unlock the Mobile..I followed the Free unlocking instructions in the site Unlocking Instructions for my HTC Diamond unlocking process.
Dexter said…
thanks bro. Sorry for long delay to reply

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