Here's the deal

Usually I don't write to you, since im just a small editor in a tech blog. In older posts Ive putted something about donations. Let me explain clearly the situacion: Im running out of resources, some bills and house stuff are quite breathing on my neck, and they're tooking a lot of time from me. Of course, this is not your problem, this is not your issue, so you ask "why he's telling me this shit? am I his salvation source?" Well, really not, but you can make the difference. Any amount of money will be REALLY appreciated. Also, to convert this blog to a single dot com domain. No more blogspot thing, just a single address and you'll in. Im planning to keep in Google's blogger system, is quite easy and fast to deploy.

Just need to catch 1500 USD at main total, but right now any amount will help me a lot. Do you want something to help you? Just hit me on comments and will search for it and put in the blog. That's it!

Again, paypal address is You have to do a payment since my account does not accept gifts. Don't worry for the amount. ANY single coin will help me a lot!

Really appreciated to you, for taking ur time to read this. As I told ya, I know is not your problem but maybe you can know anyone who can help me :)

May the Lord be with you everyday giving you countless blessings!


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