Xbox Now! leaks just ahead of its May 21st event

We are almost at the big event date of May 21st, when under the big tent that Microsoft has setup, we will learn all about the new Xbox Now! console, and just ahead of that event some more information has leaked out, showing that the specs. are very nice.

  • There is now a full 12 gigabytes of high-speed RAM in the new Xbox Now! console, unlike the previous rumors of only 8gb.
  • To be precise, there is 4gb GDDR5 on the GPU and 8gb GDDR5 on the 8-Core IBM custom CPU.
  • The GPU is the first GCN 2.0 GPU produced and was designed by special team of MS+IBM+AMD.
  • Eric from IBM will be a speaker on the 21st. with more info like the fact the GPU specs. are a mindblogging 4.9 TFlops.

And finally Dutch journalist Jan Meijroos said on Twitter his Xbox Now! papers for Tuesday say 'hands on', that will be real slap on the face for Sony, if the Xbox Now! is right there 'available now' to try out within the big tent for everyone to see and hear in real-action!

Source: Maxconsole


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