And So...? Im not asking for money! Just ask for a new laptop

Yes... Need some donations bcoz I dont have to buy a new laptop. Cuz thieves stole my own, I cannot writing proggys and those stuff. Anyone that wants to help me, it would be really appreciated. Any amount is happy received! :)

Laptop... $360-500 usd (found in eBay as dv2500)... I think it is more cheap (another HP Pavilion Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD Turion X2, 1GB ram / 160gb hard drive to get my tasks quick)
nothing else :) If u want to bid for me, anyway it works! Im not asking for money... just a laptop to get my hack/work done :)

If u wanna know about what I have to offer.. have some cellphone stuff... just ask!


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