Windows 8.1 to feature internet tethering, native Miracast wireless display support

Despite the novel-length preview of Windows 8.1's new features, Microsoft continues to trickle out details about the updated OS as we get closer to Build 2013 later this month. This is turning out to be a hefty improvement over the love-or-hate Win8 that launched last fall, and the company appears to have plenty more tricks up its sleeve before all is said and done. This morning, Microsoft announced that 8.1 will offer native support for Miracast wireless displays, as well as internet sharing capability, NFC tap-to-pair printing, WiFi Direct print, improved IT controls and other enhancements to the platform's security and management. All told, the new features are a little more behind-the-scenes than, say, the new Start button, but it's a clear indication that we'll likely have quite a few more surprises coming our way between now and the update's official release. The source link has the laundry list of various improvements, so head there if you're looking for more info.



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