ASUS' NFC Express accessory comes bundled with Deluxe / Dual Haswell motherboard

Most would agree that motherboards aren't particularly exciting components, so it's good to have a hook to stand out. ASUS' new Z87 mobo series for Intel's Haswell chips may not be waterproof, but the Deluxe / Dual model has plenty to offer nonetheless, including two Thunderbolt ports, on-board 802.11ac WiFi support, ASUS' "4-Way Optimization" tech and more. What really got our eyebrows lifting at this specific board, however, was the new NFC Express accessory that comes bundled with it (you'll also be able to purchase one separately). It's not just your standard USB-connected NFC reader and writer, as it has features like automatic photo and video syncing with mobile devices, one-touch Windows 8 login, and quick-launch options for loading software or sites with a tap. An NFC tag is included, but you'll need an equipped smartphone for some of the functions, like quick-pairing in ASUS' Wi-Fi GO! utility for remote desktopping. If you're not a big NFC user (and let's be honest, who is?), then at least the little box's got two USB 3.0 ports, meaning you're still getting a free, if not overqualified USB hub.



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